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Power variable power China's bearing industry need to break the three bottleneck
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In recent years, the domestic bearing industry, production has expanded rapidly, ranked fourth in the world, bearing nearly 2,000 businesses, including sales of more than 500 million companies in more than 900, the number of world-first. China is the axis Chengda Guo, but non-bearing power. On the whole, China has entered the ranks of the world axis Chengda Guo, but the product mix away from the bearing power of China is still a long gap. Industry production concentration is low, the high-end products with low R & D capabilities supporting bearings, bearing low level of manufacturing technology industry still exists, the import and export trade deficit expanded.

1, China's bearing industry, production concentration is low.

Bearings in the world $ 30 billion in sales, the world's eight major multinational companies accounted for 75-80. Germany, two of its national total of 90 companies in Japan five of its national total of 90, the United States one of its national total of 56. In China, ZWZ, etc. 7 bearings with annual sales of 10 billion yuan of enterprise, industry-wide sales accounted for only 28.3, the top 30 companies of production concentration is only 43.6.

2, China's bearing industry R & D and innovation capacity is low.

Since most enterprises in the innovation system construction and operation, R & D and innovation funding, human resources development is still at a low level, coupled with industry-oriented research institutes to service enterprise, the state has no common industrial technology research investment, thus weakening the industry-oriented research and development functions. Therefore, the whole industry, "two weak two less" conspicuous, that fundamental research is weak, weak participation in international standard-setting efforts, less original technology, less proprietary products. At present, our design and manufacturing technology is basically analog, consistent system for decades. Product development capacity, and features: While the host of supporting the domestic rate of 80, but high-speed railway passenger cars, luxury cars, computers, air conditioners, high rolling mill and other important maintenance host of supporting and bearing, basically rely on imports.

3, China's bearing industry, the low level of manufacturing technology.

China's bearing industry manufacturing processes and process equipment and technology development is slow, low rate car CNC machining, grinding low level of automation, there are only 200 automatic production lines. Most enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises as the main production old is still the traditional equipment. Bearing life and reliability is essential for advanced heat treatment technology and equipment, such as controlled atmosphere to protect the heating, double refined, bainite quenching of low coverage, many technical problems can not research a breakthrough. New steel bearing steel research and development, improving the quality of steel, lubrication, cooling, cleaning and abrasives and other related technology research and development, still bearing products can not meet the requirements of the level and quality improvement. Resulting in low process capability index, consistency is poor, processing large size dispersion, the intrinsic quality of the product bearing instability affecting the accuracy, performance, longevity and reliability.

For the above situation, China has proposed the bearing industry, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", China's bearing industry will be market-oriented, business-oriented, promote independent innovation and design and manufacturing technology upgrades, promoting large group, "Little Giant" enterprises to build, improve the core competitiveness, improve production concentration, from a growth-oriented scale changes to the quality and efficiency. Some of the products of some enterprises in 2010 reached an internationally competitive level, ranks as one of the world lay the foundation bearing power; 2020 by the bearing-producing countries into the ranks of the world bearing the goal of power, to accelerate the revitalization of China's equipment manufacturing industry to make contribution. 2020 World bearing power objectives, product precision, performance, longevity and reliability to the same period the level of similar products from foreign companies, major equipment supporting the localized bearing: design and manufacturing technology to achieve the level of large companies out of the loop over the same period, a group of core technology the independent intellectual property rights; with independent intellectual property rights have 3-5 and the world-renowned brands, international competitiveness, a strong competitive enterprises; industry production and sales of the total size of largest in the world, there are 2-3 of the home owned enterprises to enter the world bearing sales of the top 10; industry produced more than 80 concentration.

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